Be prepared with the right documents and procedures in place.
Protect your company with these products that create and maintain compliant employment law infrastructure before costly mistakes occur.

A to Z Employment Compliance Manual

Our comprehensive compliance manual provides documentation, tips and rules for managing your workforce. The compliance manual has six easy to use chapters and purchase includes 30 minutes of attorney consultation:

  • Hiring 101
  • Onboarding
  • Wage and Hour
  • Leave and Accommodation Requests
  • Employee Performance/Discipline
  • Termination Considerations and Documentation
A-Z Employment Compliance Manual

Customized Employee Handbook (CEH)

Our customized employee handbook includes the policies that help your business succeed and sets the tone for the workplace culture you want to create. The most important reason to have a handbook is to set the expectations of the workplace so that every employee feels like they are operating under a common set of rules, no favoritism or discrimination. It can be the single most important document an employer has to defend itself, so long as the policies are consistently applied. Rather than using a cookie-cutter template, we specify the policies that fit your business and pertain to the issues that you encounter on a daily basis.

Employee Handbook