CDPD Definition of close contact

Change in Definition of Close Contact

What is the change?

The California Department of Public Health has issued an order changing its definition of “close contact” with regard to notifying potentially impacted employees of their exposure to a COVID-19 positive person in the workplace.  Effective immediately, “close contact” is now defined as either:Read more

arbitration agreements

In Win For Employers, California Arbitration Agreements Can Be Mandated as a Condition of Employment (For Now)

Employers generally consider arbitration to be a more favorable forum for deciding disputes than litigating in court, though the costs to arbitrate are expensive.  For one, juries who find against employers tend to be more generous in their awards than arbitrators. Second,  arbitration clauses can include class action waivers, making it hard or impossible for employees to bring class action lawsuits. For these reasons, employers have increasingly required employees to sign mandatory arbitration clauses.Read more