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Increases in Local Minimum Wages and IRS Mileage Rate Coming July 1, 2022

Local Minimum Wages

Employers checking to make sure they pay minimum wage can’t just rely on complying with California minimum wage standards. As we reminded you on December 8, 2021, many local jurisdictions have enacted their own minimum wage rules.

In a few weeks, on July 1, 2022, many local minimum wage rates increase. So if you are located in, or have employees who work any hours in any of the following cities, you may need to make sure that their hourly rate of pay complies with the rates set below. (This list is not necessarily complete: check the rules for your local jurisdiction.)

Locality Rate Now Rate as of 7/1/22Link
City of Alameda$15.00$15.75webpage
City of Berkeley$16.32$16.99 webpage
City of Fremont $15.25$16.00webpage
City of Los Angeles $15.00$16.04webpage
County of Los Angeles (Unincorporated)$15.00$15.96webpage
City of Malibu$15.00$15.96webpage
City of Milpitas $15.65$16.40webpage
City of Pasadena$15.00$16.11webpage
City/County of San Francisco$16.32$16.99webpage
City of Santa Monica$15.00$15.96webpage

Be aware that the applicability of each jurisdiction’s rules varies. Some apply to all employers located within the jurisdiction; some apply to employees who work for a specified time in the jurisdiction, others apply to all work performed within the jurisdiction, and so on. You will need to check the rules for your specific jurisdiction to be sure whether, and in what manner, they apply to you and to your employees.

IRS Mileage Rate

Also as of July 1, 2022, the IRS standard mileage rate for business travel will increase from 58.5 to 62.5 cents per mile. Legal guidance on the new rates is available in IRS Announcement 2022-13.


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